Welcome to Family Transitions – Programs that Work.

What is our mission? The purpose of our company is to deliver effective programs to families who are going through divorce, separation or bereavement due to the death of a parent. These family changes are stressful for everyone. The programs we offer have been demonstrated through rigorous scientific studies to make a difference in the lives of children and their parents. Our commitment to our users is that all of our programs meet the highest scientific standards for improving children’s mental health outcomes. We are also delighted to say that children and parents love using these programs!

Who started Family Transitions? Our company was started by three people with PhD’s in social science. Two of the founders have spent their careers – over 30 years – developing and evaluating programs for children and families who have experienced family transitions. The findings from their studies have been published in the most prestigious scientific journals. To accomplish the goal of moving these programs into the real world, these researchers teamed up with a third partner who has extensive experience in the private and non-profit settings that provide services to the public. This team shares a commitment to bring effective research-based programs to children and families who can benefit from them.

What programs are offered by Family Transitions? Currently, there are three programs offered. New Beginnings is a program designed to help divorcing or separated parents help their children adjust well following separation and divorce. The New Beginnings Program has been shown to reduce behavior problems and alcohol and drug use as well as diagnoses of mental disorder and to improve school performance and competence. Children of Divorce Coping with Divorce (CoD-CoD) is a child-focused program that helps children, ages 11 to16, to cope effectively following parental divorce. CoD CoD has been demonstrated to effectively reduce children's mental health problems and increase their coping efficacy following divorce.

How do I use this website? To learn specifics about each of our evidence based programs; New Beginnings Program (NBP) and Children of Divorce Coping with Divorce (CoD-CoD), click on the appropriate tab. Our parenting programs for divorced and separated parents are provided by trained community-based leaders. Our child-focused program for children in divorced families can be accessed and used directly from the web. If you are interested in bringing any of these programs to your community, please Contact Us for more information.