Help and FAQ

Here are some common problems and questions. Click on a link to see the answer/solution.

If I stop halfway through a module do I have to start it over?!?

The bottom of the pages are getting cut off!

When I go to a page it just looks blank or says "You Do Not Have Access Yet."

How do I get it to let me go on to the next activity?!?

What's the deal with the instructions button?

I found a bug and/or I have a suggestion to make CoD-CoD better.

Can I access CoD-CoD from my mobile device?

If I stop halfway through a module do I have to start it over?!?

Nope! Your account will save your progress so when you log in you can go to the module and skip through to your next activity. You can also go to the "My Progress" tab at the top of the module pages to access a link that will send you back to where you left off.

The Bottom of the Pages Are Getting Cut Off!

Each computer has its own screen size and the program might not be sized well on some monitors. It will probably look the best on a laptop screen or a flatscreen monitor. Some browsers have a "Zoom" feature. Try reducing the zoom so that the entire page shows up.

When I Go to a Page It Just Looks Blank or Says "You Do Not Have Access Yet."
Try hitting the "refresh" button on your browser. This usually fixes this problem. If it doesn't then make sure you have logged in at the login page and that you aren't trying to get to a page without going through the pages before it.

How Do I Get It To Let Me Go To The Next Activity?
Because it's important that you complete each activity, each page is designed to let you move on when you've finished the activity. Usually the "Move On" button is cued by the end of the narration or the end of a video. If you're having trouble moving on from an activity make sure you have done all the parts of the activity including listening to the audio and watching the video.

What's The Deal With The Instructions Button?
The instructions button is in the upper right hand corner of some activities. If you hit it the textbox will go back to the intro text which describes the activity and how to complete it.

I found a bug and/or I have a suggestion for making CoD-CoD better.
Great! (well, except that probably means we messed up) We definitely want to hear about any problems that come up or suggestions that you have. You can e-mail those here or post them on the Facebook or Myspace CoD-CoD group. We definitely want to hear from you.

Can I access CoD-CoD from my mobile device?
Yes. But you may have to do a little extra leg work.

CoD-CoD is written in Flash, which means that if you want to view it on your smartphone or tablet you will need a special browser. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to go through through the program. However, if you need to view CoD-CoD on a mobile device you can do so using browsers such as Puffin (available at

Using the free version of Puffin you'll be able to view Flash content on your mobile device between 6am and 6pm. The paid version of Puffin costs $3.99 and allows you to view Flash pages around the clock. There may be some loss in video and audio quality when viewing CoD-CoD on a mobile device.