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If you have questions about the program or want to see more of CoD-CoD email us at codcod@familytransitions-ptw.com

Program Information

About CoD-CoD

The Children of Divorce – Coping with Divorce (CoD-CoD) program is a five-module internet-based mental health promotion program for children of divorce ages 11 and up. Through the careful adaptation of intervention components previously demonstrated to be effective for children from disrupted families, CoD-CoD is designed to promote your child's development of four divorce-specific protective factors that have been identified through millions of dollars of clinical research: increased active coping, decreased avoidant coping, improved coping efficacy, and healthier divorce-related appraisals.

In order to develop these protective factors, participants master a variety of coping skills and then practice integrating these skills to solve a diverse set of problems. In order to engage participants, CoD-CoD utilizes a mix of modalities including videos, animations, interactive activities, quizzes, and video games. During the program, users work toward a program goal which they set for themselves and complete home practice tasks that challenge them to use their program skills in their day-to-day lives. This process culminates in the final module when the users harness their program skills to develop a plan that addresses the divorce related events they reported being the most concerned about in the first module.

Our Money Back Guarantee

Corporate Monster

We're not corporate monsters. We're a group of psychologists who believe in taking the best tools that psychology has to offer and getting them out into the world where they can do some good. If your child tries CoD-CoD and you or they are not completely satisfied, let us know and we'll happily refund 100% of your money.

Frankly, we think the program is a bargain (which is the reason we decided to go outside of our comfortable academic bubble to promote it) and we're confident that you'll find that it's an investment that pays you back by promoting your child's healthy development.

Graph of CoD-CoD Effects

Research on CoD-CoD

Children of Divorce - Coping with Divorce (CoD-CoD) was evaluated in a randomized clinical trial with 147 participants. Randomized clinical trials are the "gold standard" for program evaluation and CoD-CoD is the only internet-based program for children of divorce to be evaluated in such a trial. We are currently developing a manuscript of our results to be submitted to a top-tier academic journal in April 2013. The results of the CoD-CoD trial indicated that the program:

  • Improves Coping Efficacy (The Child's Belief That They Can Cope With Stressors)
  • Reduces Mental Health Problems (As Reported By Children and Parents)
  • Program Effects Are Stronger For Children with Higher Risk and More Initial Problems

*Boring, J. & Sandler, I. New Research on Families of Separation and Divorce Workshop Presented at 2012 Annual Meeting of Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, Chicago, IL.

Organizations Associated with CoD-CoD Press, Presentations, and Publications

CoD-CoD in Publications, Presentations & Press

Enrollment Plans



Per Child
  • Helps Children Open Up
  • Child Has Access To CoD-CoD For 12-Months
  • Specialized Support For Children of Divorce
  • Protects Children From Divorce Stressors
  • Available At Time and Place of Child's Choosing



Per Child (3 or More)
  • A 22% Group Discount
  • Children Have Access To CoD-CoD For 12-Months
  • Great For Courts and Professionals
  • Protects Children From Divorce Stressors
  • Available At Time and Place of Child's Choosing

FAQs for Parents

Graph of CoD-CoD Effects

Will CoD-CoD Really Help My Child?

The results of our randomized control trial indicates that CoD-CoD was successful in reducing mental health problems and improving children's belief that they have the tools to handle stressors. The CoD-CoD works best for children who have higher symptom levels and more parent-reported risk prior to starting the program.

So, if you're a bit worried about how your children are adjusting to the divorce or separation, this is probably a great program for your child. However, if you have serious concerns about your child's mental health, CoD-CoD is not enough. Be sure to consult a mental health professional for evaluation and consultation. Here is a referral service operated by the American Psychological Association: http://locator.apa.org/

Program Information

How Does an Online Program Work?

You child will be able to go through CoD-CoD using any computer that has internet access. They will go through CoD-CoD's five lessons at their own pace. Each one takes a little less than an hour and your child can leave and come back to a lesson any time they wish. Each lesson was specifically designed to target a protective factor identified by research on children from disrupted families.

CoD-CoD's primary purpose is to teach your child coping skills like problem-solving, effective communication, relaxation, and managing difficult emotions. The program not only teaches these skills but also gives your child a chance to practice them within the program. Your child will also choose home practice tasks requiring them to apply their new coping skills in the real world.

Program Information

What Will My Child Learn?

CoD-CoD is designed to promote your child's development of four divorce-specific protective factors that have been identified through millions of dollars of psychological research. These four protective factors are increased active coping, decreased avoidant coping, improved coping efficacy, and healthier divorce-related appraisals.

In order to develop these protective factors your child will learn the following skills and information:

  • Identifying Emotions In Self and Others
  • Why It's a Bad Idea To Hide Feelings
  • Common Divorce-Related Feelings
  • How To Use Thoughts To Manage Feelings
  • The Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, Events Cycle
  • Bensonian Relaxation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and The Relaxing Breath
  • The 4-Parts of Good Communication
  • How To Bring Up Tough Topics
  • Problem-Solving
Graph of Program Completer Satisfaction

Will My Child Actually Like This Program?

Most children and adolescents really like CoD-CoD and say that it's helpful. The graphs on the right show user satisfaction data from children who completed the CoD-CoD Program during our clinical trial.

Children and adolescents love CoD-CoD because it's:

  • Private - They can get help with their thoughts, feeling, and problems without fear of embarrassment.
  • Helpful - They set their own program goal and almost all children make progress toward that goal.
  • Personalized - We help your child address the topics and concerns that interest them most.
  • Engaging - Parents sometimes assume their children are playing videogames because they stay so focused while going through CoD-CoD.
  • Funny - It's not uncommon for kids to laugh out loud during the program.
  • Bribery - Just kidding... ok, actually we're only sort of kidding. Each child who completes the program is entered into a raffle for a free iPad (with a 1 in 100 chance of winning). Kids love this. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.

As great as CoD-CoD is, it is still a 5-hour self-help program. Some children and adolescents (or adults) might not be crazy about that idea. Children typically need a bit of support from their parent to help them get through the program. Usually it's enough to simply find a time for your child to complete the first module and then give them a gentle reminder once a week to go through the final 4 modules. To help you support your child's program participation we'll email you weekly updates on their progress.

Module Progress

How Do I Tell My Child About CoD-CoD?

Some parents may feel a little awkward about asking their child to enroll in CoD-CoD. We think a simple and honest explanation is best. We'd suggest something like:

"Hey Michael, I want to talk to you for a second. I found this online program that supports children and teens whose parents are divorced. I think it might be good for you to do it. It's private, you can do it on your own whenever you want, and it would make me feel better to know you're getting some extra support because I know the divorce can be really stressful for all of us. I saw a lot of testimonials from kids and teenagers talking about how helpful and enjoyable the program was. Oh, and if you complete the program you'll get entered into a raffle for a free iPad that you'll have a 1 in 100 chance of winning. What do you think?"

Here are some other ideas we have about asking your child to enroll in the program:

  • Have your child go through our 4 sample activities here.
  • Tell your child that if they complete the program they will automatically be entered into a raffle for a free iPad. They will have a 1 in 100 change of winning. Kids love this.
  • Offer to do some fun activity with your child after they complete each module or after she or he completes the program.
  • Show your child our promo video and child testimonials (found at the top of this page). It might help convince your child that CoD-CoD won't be THAT bad.
  • Consider giving your child a small amount of money for each module they complete (CoD-CoD has 5 modules). We suggest $5-$10 per module. This can really help. One way to think of it is that you're paying your child to do a job: complete the program. Money is tight for most people after divorce but if this is the only way to get your child through the program, we are confident that you'll find it to be an investment you're glad you made.
  • Remember, there is a 45-day 100% money back guarantee, so if your child doesn't like the program for any reason let us know and we'll happily issue a refund.
Program Information

How Long Does The Program Take?

CoD-CoD is broken up into 5 sequential lessons (we call them modules). Each module takes about 40-50 minutes to complete. We recommend that your child go through the program at a pace of about once module per week for a period of 5-weeks. However, you and your child have control over the program's pace and will have access to CoD-CoD for a full year from the time of your purchase.

Your child can access the program any time they choose, anywhere they have a computer with internet access.

Module Progress

Does It Have To Be Finished All At Once?

Nope. We recommend that your child complete one module a week for 5-weeks but they will have access to the program for a full year and can go through CoD-CoD at any pace they like.

Your child's progress through the program is tracked, so at any point they can close the CoD-CoD page and sign in again later to return to where they left off.

What If I can't Afford It?

Module Progress

We believe that every child deserves to have access to CoD-CoD. We know that divorce often puts a serious financial strain on families and we don't want money to get in the way of any child getting the support they deserve. If your financial situation makes it a hardship for you to enroll your child in CoD-CoD, write us a short e-mail explaining your circumstances and how much you are able to pay. We'll happily work with you to enroll your child.

Don't be shy. We don't care that much about the money. CoD-CoD was originally meant to be a free program and it was offered that way for almost two years. We changed to a paid model because without money for advertising, web development, and revisions, it was impossible to get CoD-CoD out into the world where it will do some good. So don't hesitate to contact us. We're on your side and if you want your child to go through the program, we're going to find a way to make that happen.

Write to us at codcod@familytransitions-ptw.com or call us at 1-888-329-1328.

Can CoD-CoD Be Viewed On A Mobile Device?

Module Progress

Yes. But the user may have to do some extra leg work.

CoD-CoD is written in Flash, which means that to view it with a smartphone or tablet requires a special browser. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to go through through the program, however, if it's necessary to use a mobile device we recommend using free Flash enabled browsers such as Puffin (available at https://www.puffinbrowser.com/index.php).

The free version of Puffin enables Flash content to be viewed between 6am and 6pm. The paid version of Puffin costs $3.99 and allows users to view Flash pages around the clock. There may be some loss in video and audio quality when viewing CoD-CoD on a mobile device.

Meet The Developer

Jesse Boring, Ph.D.

Jesse Boring, Ph.D.

Jesse is the creator and developer of CoD-CoD. Because the program was a passion project and had to be developed on a tight budget, he wrote the script, narrated the program, coordinated the animations, helped design the website, and suckered his family into acting in many of the videos. This personal attachment to the program led to its distinctive personal style and may explain why CoD-CoD has a program completion rate nearly double that of similar programs.

Dr. Boring is committed to continuing his research in the development of online programs and since graduating from his Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program he has worked developing online content for the Arizona State and Penn State Prevention Research Centers. He runs with his dog in the woods almost every day (...except when he's feeling lazy).

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