New Beginnings Program

A group-based program that helps both mothers and fathers help their children adjust following divorce or separation.

About the Program

The New Beginnings Program (NBP) is a 10-session, group-based program that helps both mothers and fathers help their children adjust following divorce or separation. Parenting can be very difficult during this time. Many divorcing and separating parents wonder:

  • How can we have more enjoyable time as a family?
  • How do I talk to my children about their feelings?
  • How should I discipline my children?
  • How do I keep my children out of the middle of problems with my ex-partner?

The New Beginnings Program gives fathers and mothers tools to answer these questions and build stronger relationships with their children. Children and parents learn how to have more fun when they spend time together. Children learn that they can share their worries and concerns with their parents. Parents make rules clearer and misbehaviors decrease.

Research published in leading scientific journals has shown that children benefit in many ways when their parents go to the New Beginnings Program, and that these benefits last up to 15 years after participation. These benefits include:

  • Better relationships with their parents.
  • Reduced aggression.
  • Reduced emotional problems.
  • Higher self-esteem.
  • Better grades.
  • Less substance use and abuse.

For more details on the research on the New Beginnings Program go to our Research Findings section.

Info for Parents

Information about the New Beginnings Program for parents.

Info for Professionals

Information about the New Beginnings Program for professionals.

“It makes me proud/happy to know that my children are doing a lot better than a few months ago before this program. This program has helped create a positive change for my ‘new’ family.”

– New Beginnings Mother

“My son and I are communicating much more effectively now, and I feel like we’re finally getting back to where we were before the divorce.”

– New Beginnings Father

“This program should be a must for all divorced parents.”

– New Beginnings Mother

“Dear Judge, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the New Beginnings program. This is an excellent program and should be a part of all separating or divorcing parents as standard.”

– New Beginnings Father

“I am able to listen to my daughter and be able to strengthen the bond we once had before. This program has helped me a lot on how to go about discipline in a more positive way. I have more patience and less stress. [My child] is less angry.”

– New Beginnings Mother

“The New Beginnings Program has informed me of some great tools for my ‘tool bucket of fatherhood.’ I continue to use these tools every day because of the impact that it has had on my family. My children have opened up to me, and our relationships have massively improved.”

– New Beginnings Mother

“I have become a better person by taking this class. I use all these skills not only with my children, but in life with spouses or at my work. These skills really do work! I loved this class and would take a second one if it ever became available.”

– New Beginnings Mother

“I would recommend this program to every single parent struggling to make a solid connection with their children.”

– New Beginnings Father