Information for Parents

The New Beginnings program is delivered to parents by trained professionals. Separate groups are offered for mothers and fathers.

Many parents worry about how their children will adjust to the changes that happen during and after divorce or separation. Although most children do not have serious problems after a divorce, some do. Common problems include aggression, poor grades, feeling sad or angry, and poor relationships with family and friends.

Divorce is difficult for parents, too. You need to cope with many strong feelings and all the changes that have occurred. Your children may be angry and sad and you may not know how to help them deal with these feelings.

Because parents play such an important part in their children’s lives, you can make a big difference in how your children adjust to divorce. The New Beginnings Program gives you tools to help your children adjust to the changes that happen after a divorce or separation. The tools you will learn and practice with your children include:

  • Building more positive interactions.
  • Communicating and listening effectively.
  • Using effective discipline.
  • Keep children out of the middle of conflict.

Separate groups are offered for mothers and fathers. Groups are led by trained professionals. If you are a parent interested in enrolling in the New Beginnings Program click here to contact us for information about how to enroll in the program in your area.