New Beginnings Program Costs

This program is delivered to parents by well-trained professional leaders and is not offered directly to parents.

The New Beginnings Program is delivered to parents by well-trained professional leaders and is not offered directly to parents. There are two steps involved in being trained to deliver the New Beginnings Program.

  • In-person Workshop – We periodically offer an in-person training for new group leaders. The training takes place over the course of three days.
  • Supervised delivery of the New Beginnings Program – Following the three-day workshop, leaders receive in depth training and supervision while they deliver the program. Training includes a session-by-session online training program and review of each session with a supervisor. Certification as an independent provider of New Beginnings Program occurs following successful program delivery.

To explore how you can become a certified New Beginnings Program group leader, click here to contact us. If you are a parent who wishes to enroll in the New Beginnings program, click here to contact us and find the nearest location offering the New Beginnings Program.

Program Costs


Initial Training and Technical Assistance

$16,000 (assumes a group of 8 or fewer leaders) for initial three-day training and weekly on-line training during the certification process. Additional cost for travel, lodging, and per diem (2 trainers, 4 days) if training held at implementation site or travel, lodging and per diem for leaders if training occurs at New Beginnings site in Arizona. If training is held at New Beginnings site, also must pay $500 – $600 for training room rental.

Curriculum and Materials

$900 for leader manual, DVDs for group sessions and make-up sessions, and one set of 10 parent workbooks.

Materials Available in Other Language: There is a Dutch version of the program for mothers, including the leader manual, parent workbooks, and DVDs. There are separate costs for this translated version.


$1,425 – $1,825/leader. The costs depend on the number of groups needed to deliver to meet licensing requirements. New leaders receive supervision and continued training during delivery of their first group. Their supervisor then assesses whether they can be certified after the first group or need continued supervision and training.

Other Start-Up Costs

Individual responsible for recruiting for program (e.g., placing advertisements, answering calls from potential participants, meeting with potential referral agents). Costs depend on level of staff and amount of time organization decides to allocate to recruitment efforts. Template of brochure is available at no cost.


Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

Parent workbooks for each parent are $70 per set which includes 10 workbooks, plus shipping costs (based on volume).

Replacement costs for program materials range from $35 to $900 depending on what needs to be replaced.


Qualifications: Group leaders are master’s level professionals.

Ratios: 1 group leader leads a group of 5 – 7 parents.

Time to Deliver Intervention: Parent groups are held weekly for 10 weeks. Each group session lasts 2 hours.

Other Implementation Costs

Other implementation costs include child care, which should be offered during sessions; administrative time to recruit participants, respond to inquiries, schedule groups and set up child care; and light snacks for children and parents.


Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

Ongoing consultation by program consultants is available for an hourly rate ($100) as needed.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

Group leaders receive tools and training to monitor fidelity as part of the certification process. Consultation to support fidelity and monitoring of implementation is available by program consultants (at $100 per hour).

Ongoing License Fees




This example assumes that a community-based organization would offer the New Beginnings program on-site to 8 groups of 6 parents, each with 1 program leader, for 10 sessions, with four cohorts of parent groups per year. A total of 192 parents would receive the program. If space on-site is unavailable, additional cost would be incurred to rent space for the parent group sessions.

With 192 parents participating, the cost of the program in the first year would be approximately $673/parent. Assuming that the leaders continued to deliver the program in subsequent years, the cost per parent would decrease significantly. Assuming the same volume as in year one, the cost per parent would be approximately $429. Costs are figured as follows: parent workbooks-$13,440 + ongoing consultation-$1,000 + leaders’ time-$30/hour x 8 leaders x 4 hours/week x 10 sessions x 4 cohorts ($38,400) + child care-$9,600 + administrator time-$20,000. Total = $82,440.