Program Training

We provide in-person training for individual professionals and institutional training of multiple providers.

Training in the New Beginnings Program

There are two steps involved in being trained to deliver the New Beginnings Program.

In-person Workshop – We periodically offer in-person training for new group leaders. The training takes place over the course of three days.
Following the three-day workshop, leaders receive in-depth training and supervision while they deliver the program. Training includes a session-by-session online training program and review of each session with a supervisor. Certification as an independent provider occurs following successful program delivery. To explore how you can become a certified New Beginnings Program group leader, click here to contact us.

Group leaders already enrolled in training for the New Beginnings Program can click here to access our online training sessions.

Institutional Training of Multiple Providers

We also offer training for groups of providers who are affiliated with an agency or court system that wishes to train multiple providers. Consultation is available to courts or agencies interested in establishing a systematic approach to offering the program to divorcing families in their community. We offer a substantial discount to institutions who wish to train multiple leaders.

More information about the training is provided on our Program Costs page.

To explore how you can train multiple providers, click here to contact us.